We employ Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as the foundation of our engagements whether they be the upgrade of an Enterprise Wide Financial System or the deployment of Health Service personnel across an enterprise. ESM forms the basis from which we guide successful programs, projects and services for our customers.

ESM is the application of IT Service Management (ITSM) principles to key functional service providers within and across an organization. ESM envisions services that are integrated to form a whole greater than the sum of the service parts. In practice, a flexible ESM structure can provide its primary service both Intra-organizationally and Extra-organizationally. A prime example can be found in the use of outsourced Human Resource services or Financial Accounting services. Within the Federal Government, the establishment of Enterprise Service Centers capable of providing outsourced services is an example of the application of ESM. We specialize in the provision of the technical IT and consultative services building blocks necessary to transform organizations’ IT service management via the ESM model.

We see the natural evolution of the IT service management market as providing the ability to manage services within business functions and those processes which extend from suppliers across a business to its customers. Customers can realize significant benefits from ESM including:

  • Consistency of end-user experience where best practice becomes the standard for the end user regardless of the service they are consuming.
  • Management of every aspect of the service value chain, driving efficiency from suppliers, to departments, to customer enabling the active management of key metrics such as time to resolve, lead to cash and satisfaction.
  • Freeing up of resources to focus on innovation through effective automation of core service delivery.
  • Driving cost efficiencies across the organization by leveraging the best of ITIL® methodology incorporating key aspects across non-IT departments to add structure to their service management.
  • Acceleration and control of the introduction of new services across the business while prioritizing their introduction through effective business-wide reporting.
  • Increasing ROI through consolidating vendor and the license base while leveraging gains in process efficiency, accurate reporting and breaking previously siloed data.
  • Flexible introduction of service management across the business.

Finally, there is also a benefit specific to the corporate IT organization. Not only is enterprise service management an opportunity for other business functions to benefit from ITSM principles and capabilities, it’s also an opportunity for IT to further demonstrate its business worth through its wealth of service management skills, knowledge, and experience and the provision of the technology to support business-wide service management.

Technology and Engineering Services

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation and Operations
  • Data Warehousing and Reporting Analytics
  • Full, Life-Cycle IT Systems Development
  • IT Infrastructure Architecture and Operations
  • Information Sharing Solutions

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Program Management

  • Program Management Office Support
  • Program Mission Administrative Support Services
  • Program and Project Consulting and IV&V
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting
  • Enterprise Architecture IT Business Planning

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Management Consulting Services

  • Financial Management and Reconciliation
  • Integrated IT Governance Support
  • Requirements Management
  • IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Development
  • IT Portfolio Management

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Integrated Security Services

  • Enterprise Security Architecture Implementation
  • Cyber-Security Risk Assessments and Information Assurance
  • Assessment and Authorization (A&A)
  • Security Operations and Penetration Detection
  • Computer Security Incident Response

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Value Added Reseller

  • CISCO Systems, F5 Networks, Hewlett-Packard
  • Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation
  • Network Planning & Implementation
  • Telephony & VOIP
  • Cable Plant Design & Implementation

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